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Vegan Tote Bag

Stylish vegan leather tote bags from Marsi Bond. Shop our selection of vegan tote bags with washable zip-out linings. Free shipping on all orders!

Marsi Bond is a vegan designer handbag line. One of the top products that we manufacture is vegan totes. A vegan tote bag is a great accessory for the modern day women. Vegan totes are an ideal handbag for a lot of women due to the fact that vegan totes can hold all of the essentials that a woman needs for the entire day. Our Marsi Bond designer has a passion for designing and manufacturing vegan leather tote bags because a tote bag is such a personal and essential accessory for woman. Since a tote bag is such an essential item, we have designed our totes with function and practicality in mind while also using the highest quality vegan leather available. We want our vegan tote bags to help make your day a little bit easier!

A vegan tote is one of the most functional and versatile handbags. A great aspect of a vegan leather tote versus a leather tote is that a vegan tote is much lighter in weight which means its that much easier to carry all of your essentials for the day without the extra weight. A vegan purse can be used for every occasion. One of the most popular uses for a vegan tote bag is work, making it essential to have for any career woman. A vegan tote can hold everything you need for work including a laptop, notebook, wallet, beauty essentials, snacks and more. The best part about a Marsi Bond vegan leather tote is that all of our tote bags include a removable and washable zip out lining. You will never have to worry about a leaking drink, exploding makeup or snack crumbs ruining the lining of your bag again. Once a spill happens, all you have to do is zip out the lining and throw it in the washer, zip it back in and your vegan tote is as good as new! Vegan leather is also superior to real leather in that it is by nature water and stain resistant. You will no longer have to fear the rain or an accidental coffee spill. All you have to do is wipe your vegan tote bag down with a damp washcloth and the stain will be gone!

Our Marsi Bond vegan leather tote bag designs include three separate styles. The first style is the Michelle vegan tote. The michelle vegan purse is a structured tote bag that is designed with a career woman in mind. The vegan tote includes a front pocket that is fitted for a cell phone so that you never have to search for your phone inside your purse again! This vegan tote purse is also designed with a top zip closure so that all of your personal belongings are locked safely inside of your purse. The michelle includes an adjustable detachable shoulder strap so that you can turn the vegan tote from an arm satchel bag to a crossbody purse within minutes. The michelle vegan tote is a show stopper. It is an essential bag for making a great first impression.

The second style is the Audrey classic vegan tote. The Audrey vegan purse has a minimalistic design that makes a big statement. This vegan tote is designed with clean sharp lines and comes in a vegan saffiano fabric for a rich luxurious vegan texture. The Audrey, like the Michelle Tote also includes an adjustable detachable shoulder strap that can take the bag from being a satchel to a crossbody tote. The Audrey tote features an interior cell phone and key pocket and is designed to fit a laptop and all of your daily essentials.

The third style is the Mary large carryall tote. This tote is the essential tote for everyday use, work and travel. The Mary vegan tote is our version of a neverfull bag. We wanted to give our customers a vegan neverfull option so that they can tote around a designer handbag with all of their items on long days without the guilt of harming animals and the environment. The Mary vegan tote bag is designed with extra length and side straps to balance out any weight you might have in your handbag. The best part about the design for the Mary vegan tote is that the purse is designed to have a slight fold in the middle to give the large vegan tote a softer look and appear less bulky while still giving you all of the room you need. The mary tote is also designed with dual exterior pockets on each side of the bag which gives you a great place to keep your keys and cellphone! The size of this vegan tote is great for travel as it fits perfectly under an airline seat and with the snap closure you can easily access any of the items inside your tote bag at any time. While traveling I can fit all of my essentials inside the Mary vegan tote including my laptop, chargers, notebook, makeup bag, accessories bag, a sweater and more! The Mary vegan tote is also a great tote bag for all of the amazing moms out there. The tote bag can act as a vegan diaper bag due to the large size and removable washable lining. Our moms can throw all of their baby essentials in the vegan diaper bag including milk, diapers, blankets, creams, formulas, snacks and more. A mom will never have to worry about the bag being ruined or having the sour milk and rancid milk smell inside of their Marsi Bond Mary tote, because all they have to do is remove the lining, throw it in the washer and the bag is back to new!

When choosing a vegan tote bag it is essential to know what you will be using the bag for. Is the bag for your work day? Do you need a style that will stand out at business meetings? Is the bag for travel? How much does your tote bag need to fit inside? Will your laptop or Ipad fit inside the tote? Do you need to be able to convert your tote to a crossbody bag for a hands free option? These are just some of the questions you need to ask yourself when choosing your vegan tote bag. At Marsi Bond, we have made your life a bit easier and have tote bags that answer yes to all of the questions above. If you have any questions regarding which vegan totes or other vegan leather purse styles might be best for you always feel free to contact us and we would be happy to help you find the right vegan purse for you!

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