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Designer Vegan Handbags

Vegan leather handbags by Marsi Bond. Shop our selection of designer purses, satchels, totes, crossbody bags and backpacks. Free shipping on all orders!

Marsi Bond proudly makes vegan designer handbags. Our designer has been in the fashion industry for over a decade and wanted to create vegan purses that women would love, feel confident and classy while using, and have a designer handbag without harming any animals or the environment. We chose to produce designer vegan handbags as we wanted to offer women luxury, high quality handbags that could compete and stand up to leather handbags. With the quality of faux leather handbags today, there is no need to harm animals and by anything other than a vegan leather purse. We sometimes get questions of what makes a Marsi Bond bag a vegan designer handbag? The answer to that is that all of our vegan purses and vegan bags are designed by a Fashion Institute designer who is skilled in creating high quality, trend forward, classic designs that are also functional. Marsi Bond uses the highest quality of smooth vegan leather and saffiano vegan leather in all of our products. We firmly believe that a woman should be able to have an amazing looking vegan purse that than they can depend on without harming animals. We only use high quality PU in our handbags which is made ethically and is a manufactured to replicate real leather in quality and strength. We do not use PVC for our designer vegan handbags. The reason being is that PVC is a much lower quality fabric that consumers are used to having in their handbags. PVC is extremely susceptible to wear and tear, is produced using harmful chemicals, and can have putrid scent. The easiest way to find out while you are shopping vegan purse brands for a luxurious vegan leather handbag is to look at the composition of the purse. If it is not specified if it is PU or PVC then it typically will have some type of PVC in the vegan handbag which is what you want to avoid. It is also typical that cheap and low price vegan leather bags are manufactured with PVC. It is also extremely important to us that we use only vegan leather in our manufacturing as there is simply no need to use animal products at this point in the fashion industry. The harm of animals in fashion for the presumption of high quality accessories is simply outrageous. This being that vegan leather is now on par with real leather as far as quality and durability. With the rate at which trends change and the amount of handbags produced in the world it is so sad to think of all of the animals that are hurt in this process. An animal does not need to be harmed in order for someone to have a designer handbag. We at Marsi Bond, are extremely excited to make it known that a designer vegan handbag is a thing and we hope to see this on a much larger scale throughout the fashion industry.

Another great aspect about purchasing a designer vegan handbag versus a designer leather handbag is that the cost is significantly less. This means that now you do not have to choose just one color! For the price of one leather handbag you can have literally have all five of the colors of the same style Marsi Bond vegan designer handbag. Buying a vegan leather purse also is such a rewarding experience for this reason as the retail guilt is not there. When your friends ask “Where did you get that gorgeous handbag” you can feel great that you purchased a designer vegan leather handbag that did not break the bank and saved an animal from cruelty.

Our vegan designer handbags are designed with a busy woman in mind. All of our Marsi Bond handbags include a removable lining that zips out so that you can throw it in the washer. No more mess in the bottom of your designer purse! We offer vegan designer handbags in several different styles including vegan totes, vegan crossbody bags, vegan bucket bags, and vegan backpacks. Our vegan tote bags can all fit a macbook air and all of your essentials to get you through the day. We also have an extra large tote bag that is perfect for travel and moms as it can hold anything and everything that you would need. All of our vegan leather bags also include an adjustable shoulder strap so that you can be hands free. Our goal is to give our customers versatility when choosing their vegan handbag so that the vegan purse can fit your daily needs. A designer vegan leather handbag from Marsi Bond is your new best friend, reliable, holds all of your secrets, and looks great!

Marsi Bond designer vegan handbags are made for strong, confident woman. Our vegan leather handbags are designed for busy career women and busy moms that need a handbag they can depend on all day long. Our vegan purses can take you from work to happy hour straight to dinner all while looking fabulous and holding all of the essentials that you will need for the day. Our vegan leather purses are designed to help your day be stylish and effortless at the same time. Our vegan leather purses are also great for moms that are looking for stylish vegan diaper bags as you do not have to worry about spills because you can remove the lining and wash it. A mom also does not have to worry about a milk spill or spit up on the exterior of the vegan leather handbag because vegan leather is naturally waterproof. If a spill happens, all you have to do is grab a washcloth and wipe it off! No more freaking out about your handbag being ruined. A mom can look sleek and classy using our vegan leather handbags as her daily carrier for all of her kids and mom essentials. Our vegan leather purses are also designed and perfect for vegan and vegetarian fashionistas. A lot of times it is hard to find a classic high quality vegan purse and we wanted to give vegans a high end classic, eco friendly vegan leather option. We at Marsi Bond are here to help you with all of vegan accessories needs. If you need help choosing a vegan handbag style, always feel free to contact us and we will help you find the right vegan bag for you!

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