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Jane Bucket Bag in Black

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Our stylish women's vegan handbags are 100% animal cruelty free. The exterior vegan leather is a 100% PU faux-leather, or "fake", leather material and our interiors are made from a quality, durable polyester. The outer material looks and feels like a quality real leather bag, but is scratch and water resistant, and soft to the touch. OUR women's messenger bucket bag combines on-trend aesthetics with cute, modern, classic, casual and contemporary designs that are sure to be fashionable for adult, college, teen, teens, young women and fashionable girls alike for seasons to come.

All of our large handbags come with washable zip-out lining. Simply zip our the interior of your bag, throw it in the wash and zip it back in. You're as good as new!

The strap is easy to sling over your shoulder and the metallic drawstring eyelets have been fashioned to prevent snagging and aid the drawstring closure for extra ease. The bucket bag also is large enough to accommodate a ma mini/little/small to medium iPad,

Dimensions: 10"x10"x10"
Other Color Options:
Jane Bucket Bag in CognacJane Bucket Bag in GreyJane Bucket Bag in Red

This Bag Features a Washable Zip-Out Lining:

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