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Everything you need to know about the benefits of vegan leather

Everything you need to know about the benefits of vegan leather

If you are reading this you have likely asked yourself, what is a vegan leather handbag and is choosing a vegan handbag really a better option? The answer to this is 100% YES. At this point you have heard of the great benefits of following a vegan diet, but now is the time to also start including vegan leather products into your life. It is currently one of the biggest trends in fashion, with big names like Stella McCartney and Rooney Mara exclusively using synthetic leather in their lines. Demand is rising daily for faux leather options and for so many great reasons.

A major motivation behind the demand for vegan leather products is to protect the environment. Raising animals for food and/or leather is one of the leading causes of global warming due to the amount of water it requires to grow the crops that feed the animals and the amount of methane the animals themselves produce daily. Another issue with raising animals for leather is the mass global deforestation that is happening to clear land for livestock. Furthermore, processing animal skin to make it wearable is detrimental to the planet due to the amount of chemicals required. First, animal skins need to be prepped, commonly using substances like hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. These chemicals are not only harmful to the environment but also extremely harmful to the factory workers that are processing the chemicals and handling the hides. Then the skins need to be preserved so that it does not decay. This process is called the “tanning” stage and is usually done using chromium, which seeps into the air, soil, and water at carcinogenic levels. Another major reason people are choosing vegan leather over animal leather is the growing awareness of the horrors of animal cruelty. Animals raised for their skins are suffering in factory farms in unspeakable conditions. Most are dehorned and have their tails painfully cut without any anesthesia before being brutally killed for their hides. Is having a leather accessory really worth the putting an animal through this cruelty?

The quality of vegan synthetic leather has vastly increased over the past few years. Vegan leather is now on par and even has some superiority over animal leather. There are several high quality vegan leather fabrics out there that are so similar in texture to animal leather that you might not even be able to tell that it is not “real.” So much so, that some of the world’s leading car manufacturers, including BMW, Tesla, Ferrari, and Mercedes Benz, have started offering vegan leather as an upgrade option. The same advantages that have these elite carmakers singing the praises of synthetic leather apply to accessories we use day to day as well. Vegan leather is naturally water-resistant, stain resistant and can be extremely durable when produced with a high quality PU fabrication. A great benefit is that you do not need to panic if you spill your morning latte on your vegan leather purse and no need to run for cover when you get caught in a surprise rain storm! All you have to do to clean a vegan leather handbag is use gentle soap and water, no more sending your leather bags off to a professional and spending hundreds of dollars cleaning them. Just grab a rag and take care of it yourself at home! Vegan leather is also significantly cheaper than animal leather. Why spend excessive amounts of money buying a product that harms an animal when you can buy a vegan faux leather item for the same quality at a fraction of the price. Another great benefit of vegan leather is that it is much lighter than animal leather. Has your arm ever gotten tired carrying around a big leather purse? Once you make the switch to vegan leather you can load up your vegan bag with as many daily necessities as you’d like without any worries!

There are so many benefits to switching to vegan leather, and with more and more options hitting the market every day there has never been a better time to make the change, for the planet, for the animals, and for your sanity!